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Finding Information about a Specific Trade Name, Trademark, or Partnership

Search Instructions Use the Registered Name Information Search to get a list of all names cross indexed between the Secretary of State and the Corporation Commission, including corporations, limited liability companies, trademarks, tradenames, and limited partnerships.

At the top of this screen, you will see a box marked Enter significant words of the name to search for: Enter the first few letters or words of the name here, and press the Start Search button.

NOTE: This search is based on the partial name by default. Partial searches bring up all names where the contents of the Search String are contained therein. For instance, searching for 'Corp' brings all names that contain words containing corp, such as Corp., Corporation, Corporal and Corpernicus. So if you cannot find the name you are looking for, try adding 'root' words, such as "Manufact" or "Simpson" to the name to add distinctiveness of the search. Also, only type as much of the name as you know for certain.

Warning: At this time, only the first 100 matches of the result are returned, scrolling will be added in the near future.

On the search list, you will see the File ID number. This number is helpful to staff if you should need to contact the Secretary of State's office or the Corporation Commission about a specific name. Also included is where the name is registered and the type of registration.

To view the detailed information about the name, simply click on the ID.

NOTE: Corporations and LLC's will be displayed in a different browser window using the Corporation Commission Public Access System.
CORPORATIONS and LLC's -- If you receive a "webspeed error," please try the Corporation Commission Search at a later time.

To return to the menu, use your browser's BACK button.

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