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Beginning August 6, 1999, "Any seller qualified by section 44-1273, subsection B shall file with the Secretary of State a Limited Registration statement on a form prescribed by the Secretary of State before the seller solicits any consumer from a location in this state or any consumer located in this state."


  1. A person acting within the scope of a license issued under title 6 or 32 or by the corporation commission pursuant to this title, except persons licensed under title 6, chapter 13.
  2. If soliciting within the scope of the license, any licensed securities, commodities or investments broker, dealer or investment advisor or any licensed associated person of a securities, commodities or investments broker, dealer or investment advisor.
  3. An issuer or a subsidiary of an issuer that has a class of securities that is subject to section 12 of the securities exchange act of 1934 (15 United States Code sections 78a through 78ll) and that is either registered or exempt from registration under paragraph (A), (B), (C), (E), (F), (G) or (H) or subsection (g)(2) of section 12 of the act. A subsidiary of an issuer that qualifies for exemption under this paragraph is not exempt unless at least sixty per cent of the voting power of the subsidiary's shares is owned by the qualifying issuer or issuers.
  4. A person certificated or regulated by the corporation commission pursuant to title 40, chapter 2 or a subsidiary of that person or a federal communications commission licensed cellular telephone company or radio telecommunication services provider.
  5. A person making telephone solicitations for a newspaper of general circulation, a magazine or a licensed or franchised cable television system.
  6. An issuer or subsidiary of an issuer that is subject to registration under chapter 12, article 6 or 7 of this title or that is exempt from registration under section 44-1843, paragraph 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 9.
  7. A person making telephone solicitations for the sale or purchase of books, recordings, videocassettes and similar goods through a membership group or club regulated by the federal trade commission or through a contractual plan or arrangement such as a continuity plan, subscription arrangement, series arrangement or single purchase under which the seller ships goods to a consumer who has consented in advance to receive those goods and the recipient is given the opportunity to review goods for at least seven days and to receive a full refund for return of undamaged goods.
  8. A person or solicitor for a person when soliciting previous customers, if all of the following apply:
    1. The person is not offering to sell or selling a security that is not registered with any state or federal authority.
    2. The person makes the solicitation under the same name as the name used to sell merchandise to the customer previously.
    3. The person does not operate a recovery service.
    4. The person does not conduct a prize promotion that requires a consumer to, or implies that to win a consumer must, pay money or purchase merchandise.
    5. The person has not, or any of its principals have not, within twenty years been convicted in any state of a felony or a crime of moral turpitude, breach of trust, fraud, theft, dishonesty or violation of telephone solicitation laws, been subject to a final judgment in a civil action involving fraud, deceit or misrepresentation or been subject to an administrative order involving fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or any violation of telephone solicitations laws of any agency of this state, another state, the federal government, a territory of the United States or another country.
  9. A person making telephone solicitations exclusively for the purpose of the sale of telephone answering services to be provided by that person or that person's employer.
  10. Any bank holding company, bank, financial institution, trust company, savings and loan association, credit union, mortgage banker or broker, consumer lender or insurer that is licensed or supervised by an official or agency of this state, any other state or the United States, including any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of these institutions.
  11. A person providing telemarketing sales service continuously for at least five years under the same ownership and control that derives seventy-five per cent of its gross telemarketing sales revenues from contracts with persons exempted by this section. A seller using an exempt telemarketing sales service is not exempt unless otherwise qualifying for an exemption under this section.

The Seller must file with Secretary of State prior to soliciting from within the state of Arizona or calling consumers located in Arizona:

  • True Legal name of seller (corp, LLC, LP)
  • All of the names under which the Seller is "Doing Business As" (DBA)
  • Addresses, phone #’s from which business is conducted
  • Name and address of the seller's agent who is authorized to receive Service of Process