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A jurat is a notarial act in which the notary certifies that a signer, whose identity is proven by satisfactory evidence, has:

  • Made in the notary's presence a voluntary signature; and has
  • Taken an oath or affirmation vouching for the truthfulness of the signed document.

Some states refer to this type of notarization as an affidavit.

A notary shall perform a jurat anytime the words:

  • sworn to (or affirmed) before me
  • subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed), or similar words appear in the notarial certificate. Because a signer is swearing or affirming that the information is true, there can be no blank spaces in the document [A.R.S. § 41-328(A)].

See page 21 of the Notary Manual for more information.

Sample Affidavits

The Secretary of State provides these sample affidavits out of convenience to our customers. However, our office cannot offer legal advice and is unable to guarantee that the affidavits are in a format that will be accepted by the intended recipient of your documents. The burden is on the person seeking a notarization to ensure that documents contain the necessary elements for the intended recipient.
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