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The Office of the Secretary of State, Business Services Division, provides the Non-Incorporated Registrations Index in two options:

  • Full Index File
  • Monthly Index File subscription
Included with each single request is a complete listing of the registrations, associated filings, service of process agents and owners. Each subscription will contain only those registrations entered during a calendar month time period. A "subscription", rather than a full file, enables the subscriber to receive twelve issues, each containing a calendar month's list of Non-Incorporated Registrations. The subscription is based upon receipt of the request, so it may be entered into at any time during the year.

See the Non-Incorporated Registration Index Options for a complete description of the two options.
See the Non-Incorporated Registrations Index Description for a complete description of the data format provided.

Requests for a NIR Index must be done in writing and must be accompanied by a check or money order. Written requests should be made on the public records request form.

Written requests for a subscription or full index and check or money may be mailed to:

Arizona Secretary of State
Business Services Division
Attn: Data Request
1700 W Washington 7th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85007