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Proposition 116 - Video Transcript


MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Up next, Secretary Bennett will describe Proposition 116.


A "yes" vote on Proposition 116 will have the effect of setting the amount exempt from annual taxes on business equipment and machinery purchased after 2012, to an amount equal to the combined earnings of 50 Arizona workers.

A "no" vote will have the effect of keeping our current constitutional law related to the annual taxes on business equipment and machinery.

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Thank you very much, Mr. Secretary.

"For" Arguments

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: And our first speaker on the pro side of 116 is Mr. Farrell Quinlan, the State Director for the National Federation of Independent Business in Arizona. Mr. Quinlan, two minutes.

MR. FARRELL QUINLAN: Arizona's economy is mired in recession. One in five is either unemployed, underemployed, or has given up trying to find a job in this economy. Arizona needs jobs. Fortunately, Arizona voters have a unique opportunity this election to remove one of the heaviest drags on new job creation. Proposition 116, the Small Business Job Creation Act, unleashes our small business job creators to do what they do best, putting Arizonans back to work.

More than two-thirds of new jobs are created by small business. And it's small businessmen and women who will lead us out of this recession. Unlike homeowners and individual taxpayers, Arizona small businesses are saddled with an annual property tax on everything they own. Their desks, chairs, computers, machinery, everything, every year.

Adding insult to injury, this annual tax is due before they hire their first worker, make their first sale, or even turn a profit. That's unfair, it's self-defeating, it discourages investment in Arizona and it kills jobs.

Passage of Proposition 116 will make it cheaper to invest in new equipment and machinery, which directly leads to hiring new employees.

So much -- so much of what ails our economy today -- the foreclosures, reduced support for our kid's schools, empty store fronts -- can all be traced back to the lack of new job creation. Proposition 116 removes a huge impediment blocking that job creation for thousands of small businesses, the engines of economic growth and recovery. Proposition 116 delivers exactly what Arizona needs, more jobs.

Visit to learn more about the Small Business Job Creation Act, and remember to vote "yes" on 116. Thank you.

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: And thank you very much.

"Against" Arguments



MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: There was no organized opposition to this legislative referenda, so we will direct voters to read the arguments submitted to your office by both supporters and opponents in the Publicity Pamphlet.

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