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Proposition 119 - Video Transcript


MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: So, we will once again ask Secretary Bennett to describe our next measure, Proposition 119.

SECRETARY OF STATE KEN BENNETT: Thank you, Rich. And to clarify that point a little further, every ballot argument, whether for or against, is required by state law for us to print in that Publicity Pamphlet that I mentioned earlier. So every home in -- every residence in Arizona that has a registered voter, should receive this pamphlet that has all of those pro and con arguments.

Okay. Proposition 119 will have the effect of authorizing the exchange of state trust lands if the exchange is related either to the protecting of military facilities in our state or improving the management of state trust lands and it also prescribes the process for such exchanges. That process includes two independent appraisals and analysis, public hearings, and approval by a public vote.

A "no" vote shall have the effect of keeping our current constitutional law related to state trust lands.


"For" Arguments

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Our next -- or, I should say our first speaker on the pro side of 119 is Dave Richins, Policy Director of the Sonoran Institute. Once again, you have two minutes.

MR. DAVE RICHINS: Proposition 119 is a constitutional amendment for the ballot on this November 2012. It would authorize the trade of state trust lands for federally-owned lands to preserve and protect military facilities in Arizona, as well as improving the management of state trust lands.

Really, the best way to understand, exchanges are like trades. And everybody understands baseball.

So, you understand when a baseball team wants to make a trade for your favorite player, a lot of times your -- your coaches, they're going to evaluate it, the Board of Directors, everybody involved in the baseball team, and even the Commissioners, are going to evaluate that trade.

And -- but -- but the fans, they don't get to support that trade when it occurs, and when you lose your favorite player it hurts.
But with 119, it's like trading those players, but you're trading state lands with federal lands, and this gives us the opportunity to preserve one of our favorite teams in Arizona, our military facilities.

They provide 96,000 jobs in Arizona and $9.1 billion to our local economy. It's an industry that is worth preserving in Arizona. But like trades, we get the opportunity to evaluate each of these trades between the state and the federal government. These trades require two independent appraisals; they require two independent analysis about their fiscal impact on local communities; and it also has an extensive public notice and public comment period. But best of all, you, the fans, get to decide the trades, whether they're worth it or not.

So, please join me in supporting Proposition 119 by voting "yes." You can go to our Website, Thank you.

MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Under the time limit. We appreciate those added seconds.

"Against" Arguments



MODERATOR RICH DUBEK: Once again, there was no opposition -- organized opposition to this referenda.

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