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Arizona State Butterfly

Arizona State Butterfly

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State Butterfly



Arizona's state butterfly is the two-tailed swallowtail butterfly.

Swallowtails are the largest species of butterflies in the United States. It features a wingspan of 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches long.

Found only west of the Mississippi River, two-tailed swallowtails are strong flyers.

It is bright yellow, although females have a slightly orange cast to their wings.

On the yellow background of each hind wing are seven iridescent blue, rectangular-shaped markings, and two red crescentshaped marks.

Four narrow black bars run up and down the forewings. Both forewings and hind wings are edged in black.

The key field mark for this butterfly is its two "tails" on each hind wing.

A swallowtail's habitat includes canyonlands, foothills, valleys and woodlands.

State Butterfly



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