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Supp. 97-1


1. State Mine Inspector


1. General Provisions

2. Explosives and Blasting

3. Fire Prevention and Control

4. Air Quality, Ventilation and Radiation, and
Physical Agents

5. Maintenance and Use of Equipment
(Compressors, Mucking Machines, Belts & Guards, Mobile Equipment)

6. Loading, Hauling and Dumping

7. Travelways and Escapeways

8. Electricity

9. Personal Protection

10. Materials Storage and Handling

11. Hoists and Shafts

12. Underground Operations

13. Open Pits

14. Sand and Gravel Operations

15. Acid Plants and Leaching

16. Smelters

17. Aerial Tramways

18. Gassy Mines

19. Miscellaneous Provision

20. Storage and Mixing of Reagents in Concentrators

21. Assay and Metallurgical Laboratories

22. Cyanide Leach Operations

2. State Mine Inspector - Mined Land Reclamation


1. Definitions

2. General Regulatory Provisions

3. Exploration Operation Reclamation Plan

4. Exploration Operation Reclamation Standards

5. Mining Unit Reclamation Plan

6. Mining Unit Reclamation Standards

7. Revegetation and Soil Standards

8. Financial Assurance


Scott Cancelosi
Public Services Division

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