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Table of Contents

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About the Office p. 5

Contact Information p. 5
Mission Statement p. 5
Agency Description p. 5
Office Duties p. 6
Secretaries of State Since Statehood p. 7

The Brewer Administration p. 8

Janice K. Brewer - The Secretary of State p. 8
Contact Information p. 9
Mission Statement p. 9
Description p. 9
Key Staff p. 10
Administration FY �06 Statistics p.10
Certificates Issued p. 10
State Seal Usage p. 10
Actions of the Governor p. 11
Legislative Resolutions & Memorials Transmitted p. 13
Legislative Resolutions to the Voters of Arizona p. 14
Programs & Success Stories p. 15
Web site Improvements p. 15

The Business Services Division p. 16

Contact Information p. 16
Mission Statement p. 16
Description p. 16
Key Staff p. 17
Arizona Revised Statute Duties p. 17
Business Services FY ’06 Statistics p. 18
Partnerships p. 18
Intergovernmental Agreements p. 18
Athlete Agent Registrations p. 18
Trademarks p. 18
Trade names p. 19
Uniform Commercial Code p. 19
Other Business Services Registrations p. 19
Notary Filings and Related Duties p. 19
Programs & Success Stories p. 20
Notary Workshops p. 20
Advance Directives p. 20

The Election Services Division p. 21

Contact Information p. 21
Mission Statement p. 21
Description p. 22
Key Staff p. 22
Arizona Revised Statutes Duties p. 22
Election Services FY ’06 Statistics p. 24
Candidates/Public Officers p. 24
Initiative/Referendum p. 24
Publicity Pamphlet/Propositions p. 24
Principal/Public Bodies/Lobbyist p. 25
Campaign Finance p. 25
Programs & Success Stories p. 26
Voter Outreach p. 26
Election Officer Education, Training and Certification Programs p. 26
Identification at the Polls p. 28
Brewer Voting Action Plan p. 28
Statewide Voter Registration System (VRAZ) p. 29
Accessible Voting Devices p. 30
Language and Physical Accessibility p. 30
Military and Overseas Voters p. 30
EZ Voter p. 30
Know Before You Go p. 31

The Public Services Division p. 32

Contact Information p. 32
Mission Statement p. 32
Description p. 32
Key Staff p. 33
Arizona Revised Statutes Duties p. 33
Public Services FY ’06 Statistics p. 35
County Notices published under A.R.S. § 49-112 p. 35
Governor’s Executive Orders published - A.R.S. § 41-1013(B)(2) p. 36
Governor’s Regulatory Review Council (GRRC) p. 36
Notice of Agency Guidance Document p. 36
Notice of Agency Ombudsmen p. 36
Notices of Public Hearings p. 36
Notice of Substantive Policy Statements p. 37
Notice of Proposed Delegation Agreement p. 37
Notice of Public Information p. 37
Rules Filed p. 37
Page Counts for Rule Publications p. 38
Rulemaking Package Filings By Type of Notice p. 39
Number of Filings by Month p. 40
Number of Filings by Chapter p. 40
Paper Subscriptions (Number of Paper Subscribers) p. 44
Legislative Filings p. 44
Other Filings p. 44
Publications Printed and Distributed p. 44
Programs & Success Stories p. 45
Legislative Filings p. 45
Administrative Rules Records Retention p. 45

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