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Arizona Flag
About the State Flag

Arizona Flag

This is the state flag. Can you name the colors of the state flag? They are copper, blue, yellow and red. Blue and gold are the state colors.

All of the symbols on this flag have a meaning. The copper star is there to remind us of the state's copper industry. Can you name something that is made of copper? That's right, a new penny!

The copper star is rising from a blue field on the flag. At the top of the flag are rays, like a setting sun. We have a lot of pretty sunsets of yellow and red in Arizona, don't we?

Can you count the number of rays on the flag? Start from left to right and count the red and yellow rays. If you counted correctly there are 13.

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Flags are used as symbols for states and nations. They are usually shaped like a rectangle. They can have many shapes and colors on them.

Flags are also used to signal or attract attention, such as a green flag starting a car race or a white flag that is used to surrender to an enemy.