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Arizona Rulemaking Manual: Introduction

The Arizona Rulemaking Manual was developed in 1995 as a guide for state agencies when making, amending, or repealing rules. As sections are amended, paper copies to this manual will be available upon request and posted here.

For more information about this manual, contact the Secretary of State's Office, Public Services Division.

Arizona Rulemaking Manual: Table of Contents

Introduction (updated Sept. 2011)
Section 1: Rulemaking in General (updated Nov. 2002)
Section 2: Definitions, Rule Drafting, and Publishing Style (updated Sept. 2003)
Section 3: Frequently Asked Questions; Renumbering; Supplementals (updated Nov. 2002)
Section 4: Rulemaking Forms (updated Sept. 2011)      RTF
Section 5: Checklists (updated July 2002)
Section 6: Administrative Procedure Act (updated Sept. 2011)
Section 7: Rules of the Office of the Secretary of State (updated Sept. 2011)
Section 8: Rules of G.R.R.C. (updated Sept. 2011)
Section 9: Bibliography

Questions about the rulemaking process?

Visit the Governor's Regulatory Review Council Web page at

Or, contact our office.

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