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Oct. 28, 2010

Contact: Matthew Benson
Director of Communications
(602) 350-2834 - mobile

Twitter: @therealAZsos


Media notes for Election Day

Polling places -

Polling places will open Tuesday at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. Any voter already in line at that time will be able to cast a ballot. All ballots (including mail-ins) must be received by the close of polls Tuesday. Post-mark dates don’t matter.

Projected turnout -

The Secretary of State’s Office is projecting statewide voter turnout of 60-65 percent. It’s worth noting that turnout for Arizona’s recent Primary Election was the strongest in two decades.

Bring this to the polls -

Every voter must show identification before being able to cast a ballot at a polling place. The voter must provide: 

  • one piece of ID that bears his/her name, address and photograph (Ex: An Arizona driver’s license), or
  • two forms of ID that bear his/her name and address (Ex: a utility bill and bank statement), or
  • one form of acceptable photo ID with another form of non-photo ID that includes his/her name and address (Ex: a passport and utility bill).

REMEMBER: The recent federal court decision regarding Proposition 200 (proof of citizenship when registering to vote) DID NOT reference Arizona’s ID-at-the-polls requirement. Voters will still be required to bring proper ID on Election Day. There has been a lot of confusion on this point in recent days, so please do us a favor and remind voters.

Election results -

The Secretary of State’s Office has unveiled a new Election Night Reporting system for displaying voting results. This system is online at, and will provide up-to-the-minute updates Tuesday evening as counties report unofficial voting results. Click on the “Customize My Search” icon (on the left side of the front page) to select specific races you’d like to follow.

Initial unofficial results should be reported around 8 p.m., with updates through the evening as they become available.

Looking for an interview -

Secretary of State Ken Bennett will be available for media inquiries on Election Day. Please contact Director of Communications Matthew Benson (602-350-2834) to set up an interview.

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For all media questions, or to schedule an interview with Secretary Bennett, contact Matthew Benson, director of communications, at (602) 350-2834.