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Feb. 9, 2012

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100 Years in the Making
Arizona's Centennial Medallion Approved for Release

PHOENIX  – Arizonans can now celebrate Arizona's five "C's" with two more — commemorative coins. They were developed and produced by the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC). Secretary of State Ken Bennett and Director of Weights and Measures Kevin Tyne certified the medallions on Wednesday.

Visitors to Best Fest in Phoenix on Saturday and Sunday, February 11-12 can mark the state's 100 birthday by purchasing a centennial medallion made from either Gold, Silver or Copper from the AHAC booth on Centennial Way (Washington Street, 7th -19th Avenue.)

The Arizona Historical Advisory Commission has been working to create awareness and promote observance of Arizona's Centennial at the local and state level. As a part of their responsibilities, the commission was tasked by the Legislature to develop and issue commemorative medallions.

"I am thrilled that the Department of Weights and Measures has certified these magnificent medallions and approve them for sale," said Secretary Bennett. "These beautiful coins are a great way to commemorate our state's 100th birthday and I hope Arizona's citizens will purchase them as fast as we can produce them."

The medallions are two-sided coins that have the seal of the state of Arizona struck on one side and the Arizona state flag on the other side with the text "Arizona centennial medallion – February 14, 1912 – 2012."

The price of the medallions will vary as the cost of gold, silver and copper fluctuates. The gold medallion, currently valued at $3,510, is only available by preordering at the AHAC booth near the capitol during Best Fest. A limited supply of silver medallions are available for purchase for $65 and copper medallions will be sold for $5 with a limit of 10 per family. After Centennial celebrations conclude, the medallions will be available through the Secretary of State's office or AHAC.

Proceeds from the sale of Centennial medallions shall be deposited in a separate account of the state library fund and used by the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission to fund Centennial Legacy Projects and activities. Remaining funds after AHAC completes Legacy Projects will be deposited in the state general fund.

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