Dan E. Garvey
Secretary Garvey
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Name: Daniel "Dan" Edward Garvey

Name as Secretary of State: Dan E. Garvey

Notes: When Gov. Sidney P. Osborn died on May 25, 1948, it was noted that "Arizona has no lieutenant governor and no succession law except a brief declaration in the constitution saying that when the governor dies or is absent from the state his duties devolve upon the secretary of state." ("No Precedents to Aid Garvey; Former Tucsonian First to Succeed to State Governorship." Tucson Daily Citizen, May 25, 1948, pp. 1, 13) The 18th Arizona State Legislature, 7th Special Session (Sept. 13, 1948 - Oct. 14, 1948) passed House Concurrent Resolution No. 1 "A Concurrent Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Arizona Relating to Gubernatorial Succession" which was referred to the November 2, 1948 ballot. This passed and, on November 22, 1948, Dan E. Garvey "was formally sworn into office as the state's chief executive at 4:10 p.m. under provisions of the new gubernatorial succession law approved by the voters at the Nov. 2 general election. Since the death of Gov. Sidney P. Osborn last May 25, Garvey has served as acting governor as prescribed at that time in the state's constitution." ("Garvey Sworn in as Governor." Tucson Daily Citizen, November 23, 1948 p. 1) Also, in the November 2, 1948 general election, Dan E. Garvey was elected to a full term as Governor which began January 3, 1949.

Occupations: Accountant and auditor for what became the Southern Pacific Transportation Co.; Pima County: chief deputy assessor, 1927; deputy treasurer, 1929, chief deputy treasurer, 1931; treasurer, 1935 – 1938; City of Tucson treasurer, 1938; assistant Secretary of State, 1939; Arizona administrator of the Federal Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1950; State Examiner, 1955 – Jan. 1969.

Firsts: The first Arizona Secretary of State to succeed to the governorship

Memorial/Resolution: 31st Legislature, 2nd Regular Session, House Concurrent Resolution 2017, "A Concurrent Resolution on the Death of the Honorable Governor Dan E. Garvey," filed with the Secretary of State, February 26, 1974.

Sources: Birth: WWI draft registration; appointment: "Dan E. Garvey Named Sec'y. of State." Yuma Daily Sun, November 28, 1942, p. 1; death: "Ex-Gov. Garvey is dead." Tucson Daily Citizen, February, 6, 1974, p. 4; memorial