Harry M. Moore
Secretary Moore
Range of Years Served


Name: Harry Martin Moore

Name as Secretary of State: Harry M. Moore

Other Elected Offices: Arizona State Treasurer: Party: Democrat, Office Years: 1937 – 1938

Military Service: U.S. Army, veteran of World War I: “which he entered as a private and from which he was discharged as a commissioned officer” (Memorial); "Arizona Men Named for Officers School." Tombstone Epitaph, July 21, 1918, p. 4: CAMP KEARNY, Calif., July 16. - Approximately 80 soldiers of the 40th division have been chosen partly through competitive examination, to become students at an artillery officers' training camp at Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Kentucky, and have departed for that station, it was announced today…. Those from the 158th Arizona infantry follow: Sergeants John A. Hedgpeth, Jesse H. Stewart, Corporal Earl H. Wood, Privates Joseph R. Babbitt, Harold D. Carpenter,Harry M. Moore, D. M. Stephenson.

Occupations: Assistant Secretary of State; Maricopa County treasurer

Memorial/Resolution: 16th Legislature, Regular Session, 1943, Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 4 “A Concurrent Resolution on the Death of Hon. Harry Martin Moore” filled in the office of the Secretary of State, January 25, 1943.

Sources: Name, birth, death and burial: AZ birth and death records; occupations: 1930 U.S. AZ census and Memorial