I. P. "Ike" Fraizer
Secretary Fraizer
Range of Years Served


Name: Isaac "Ike" Peter Fraizer

Name as Secretary of State: I.P. "Ike" Fraizer

Other Elected Offices:
Arizona House of Representatives: Party: Republican, Office Years: 1921 – 1922

Education: B.S. in Mining Engineering, School of Mines and Metallurgy, University of Missouri, 1900

Occupations: Homesteader, 1910 near Elgin, Arizona; mining and civil engineer; Chief Maintenance Engineer, State Highway Department; manager, Texaco Oil Co.

Notable: He died in an explosion and fire at a Texaco Oil Co. gasoline storage plant.

Sources: AZ death record under name: Issac (sic) Peter Frazier (sic) but World War I draft registration name and signature: "Isaac Peter Fraizer" and passport application and children's birth records are all under Fraizer; Birth: World War I draft registration and mother's affidavit attached to passport application; Burial: Ancestry family tree records by: kasmit4432; Occupations: AZ death record, U. S. AZ census records, Highways Green Book, Third Annual Edition, 1922. Washington, DC: American Automobile Association, 1922, Ancestry family tree records by: kasmit4432; Education based on: Thesis/Dissertation: The Extraction of Gold and Silver from Ore by the Cyanide Process, online May 16, 2011 at: http://scholarsmine.mst.edu/bachelors_theses/216/