Janice K. Brewer
Secretary Brewer
Range of Years Served

Name: Janice "Jan" Kay Brewer née Drinkwine

Name as Secretary of State: Jan Brewer

Notes: Author of "Scorpions for Breakfast," released in 2011

Other Elected Offices:
Arizona Governor: Office Years: January 21, 2009 –
Arizona State Senate: Office Years: 1987– 1996, Majority Whip: 1993 – 1996
Arizona House of Representative: Office Years: 1983 – 1986

Education: Attended college in California and Arizona

Occupations: Certified medical assistant; licensed practical radiological technician; president, Brewer Properties and Investments

Memberships: Charter Member of Luke Fighter Country Partnership; Hope and a Future board member; Child Help USA, Arizonans for Children; Arrowhead Republican Women's Club; Maricopa County SMI Commission; Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association; Japanese-American Citizens League.

Firsts: Created a 25-member state planning committee that developed Arizona's State Plan for compliance with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). Created an Advance Directory Registry for Arizonans to post their directives securely online and made them accessible via the Internet.

Notable: Arizona was the second state to come up with a Help America Vote Act (HAVA) plan under Brewer's direction. Introduced the "EZ Voter" Voter Registration project which provided the opportunity for electronic voter registration using the Department of Motor Vehicle's digital signature. Registrants were able to update voter registration while changing their address and new voters, with a current digital signature, were able to register to vote on the Service Arizona website. Successfully lobbied for the passage of SB 1023, which allowed for easier early voting processes for military and overseas citizens including the use of fax machines for the transmittal of voted ballots.

Sources: SOS bio; History and Archives bio sheets; misc. notes compiled on SOS succession to governorship.