Patriot Party of Arizona Petition Signatures Fail to Meet the Necessary Signature Validity Rate for the 2024 Ballot

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PHOENIX – Secretary of State Adrian Fontes released the following statement regarding the Patriot Party of Arizona and its efforts to become a recognized political party on the 2024 ballot for statewide, legislative, and federal races.

“After the required statutory review by my office and by county elections officials across the state, the Patriot Party of Arizona has not met the minimum signature requirement and, therefore, does not qualify as a new political party for federal, statewide, and legislative races in the 2024 Primary and General Elections under Arizona law." Fontes said.

The Secretary of State’s office received 37,227 petition signatures submitted by the Patriot Party of Arizona, on October 24, 2023. To qualify for the 2024 ballot a total of 34,127 valid signatures were needed. This equates to a required validity rate of 91.67% of the signatures submitted.

In accordance with Arizona state law, a 20% random sample of eligible signatures was submitted to the County Recorders for validation on October 30, 2023. The County Recorders’ validation results determined a signature validity rate of only 85.76% or 31,018 valid signatures, which fails to meet the required threshold of 91.67%. It has been determined that the Patriot Party of Arizona failed to meet the minimum signature requirement and therefore, does not qualify as a new political party for federal, statewide, or legislative recognition under Arizona law in 2024.



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