Statewide Voter Registration Report Now Reflect Five Parties

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PHOENIX – The Secretary of State’s Office has published a statewide voter registration report today reflecting the five recognized parties in Arizona as Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, No Labels, and Green Party.

As of January 2, there are 4,101,308 active voters in the state, which are registered to one of these political parties or in the no preference category more commonly referred to as Independent.

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The latest report showed that active voters registered with the Republican party totaled 1,418,407—once again surpassing the total number of active registrants who have designated no party preference (1,410,085) and Democratic (1,211,940) parties.

Currently the active registrants for the Libertarian party total is 32,438, No Labels Party total is 25,924 and Green Party, making its return, report 2,514 active voters, as of January 2.

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