Presidential Preference Election Voter Registration Deadline

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PHOENIX – Arizonans must be registered to vote by 11:59 p.m. today to participate in the state’s Presidential Preference Election (PPE).  

In this election, coming up on March 19, 2024, voters will select a preferred presidential candidate from within a political party. This year, both the Democratic and Republican parties are holding a PPE, so only voters registered as members of these parties on or before today’s deadline are eligible to participate.  

“The Presidential Preference Election is the first statewide election this year,” Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said. “And I want to be sure voters have clear information about how they can participate. This is also a good time for all voters to check on or update their voter registration status, especially if they have moved recently.”  

Fontes added that voters can get accurate election information, check their registration, status and anyone with a valid Arizona ID or driver’s license can register to vote by visiting Arizona.Vote  

Arizona.Vote is a hub of helpful election information,” Fontes said. “Voters can rely on this site to provide accurate and timely updates about the PPE and other upcoming statewide elections.” 

Additionally, voters can reach the Office of the Secretary of State by calling 602-542-8683 or 1-877-The-Vote (843-8683). 



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