Secretary Fontes Commends Arizona's Election Workforce for 2024 Presidential Preference Election

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PHOENIX – As election workers wrap up the 2024 Presidential Preference Election, Secretary of State Adrian Fontes extends a heartfelt thank you to the tireless community of election workers across Arizona. His acknowledgment recognizes commitment and dedication demonstrated by Arizona’s election workforce.
"It is because of our dedicated election workers that the democratic process in Arizona is upheld to the highest standards," said Secretary Adrian Fontes. "Their commitment ensures that every voter can exercise their right in an environment that celebrates democracy and community."
Election workers, who devoted long hours in warehouses, polling locations, and vote centers, are the backbone of a successful election day. Starting their days at the break of dawn and extending well beyond the closing of polls, these individuals ensure that every aspect of the election is conducted with utmost integrity and transparency.
The Secretary also highlighted the importance of recognizing the exhaustive efforts and problem-solving skills required by election workers to manage the elections process efficiently. Those efforts play a crucial role in maintaining the sanctity of each election, ensuring that every vote is counted accurately ahead of the official canvass on April 4.
Arizona's voters are encouraged to join in celebrating the hard work and dedication of election workers, who embody the Grand Canyon State's commitment to democracy. The Secretary of State's office is grateful for each county’s efforts to complete tabulating results in a secure and accurate manner.
As the state looks forward to the official canvass on April 4, the community's support and understanding of the efforts behind the scenes are invaluable. Arizona continues to lead by example, showing the importance of each role in the electoral process and reinforcing the state's dedication to democracy.


See a copy of the thank you letter, here.




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