Voter & Community Outreach

What Do We Do

The community outreach program actively collaborates with local communities to enhance civic awareness, provide valuable resources and promote public engagement in democracy. Our primary objective is to strengthen connections with diverse communities across the state.

Our goal is to empower communities through education, ensuring all Arizonans have the information and resources needed for active participation in the democratic process. We aim to inform and provide information about the services the Office of the Arizona Secretary of State offers in addition to election services, such as the Address Confidentiality Program, Notary Public, Apostille and Document Authentication, Rules Publication and Library services.

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The Office is committed to inclusivity, showing our dedication to boosting civic engagement, safeguarding voting rights, and addressing challenges. Working together with all community members including county and tribal leaders, we aim to create a more inclusive and representative democratic environment for all.

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Outreach Events

Past Outreach Events