Eligibility & Enrollment

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Am I Eligible?

All eligibility criteria must be met to apply to the program. The eligibility criteria for applicants include:

  • Is a victim of domestic violence, sexual offense (such as rape, sexual assault, molestation), or stalking;
  • Is in fear of her or his safety;
  • Has moved in the past 90 days to a place unknown by the perpetrator or is planning to move to a place unknown to the perpetrator in the near future within Arizona;
  • Has documentation to support victimization; and
  • Is an adult, or a parent or guardian acting on behalf of a minor or incapacitated person (victim of the crime).

How Do I Enroll?

Applicants do not enroll or apply directly with the Arizona Address Confidentiality Program. Any person interested in applying to the program must meet in person with a registered Application Assistant.

Application Assistants are located throughout the state in agencies and non-profit programs that provide counseling, referral, shelter, or assistance to victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and stalking.

To find an Application Assistant near you:

What is an Application Assistant?

An Application Assistant is someone who provides counseling, referral or other direct services to victims of stalking, sexual assault and/or domestic violence as part of their job or volunteer work and has completed the Address Confidentiality Program training and registration process.

What does an Application Assistant Do?

  • Meet with potential program participants/ applicants,
  • Explain what the ACP does;
  • Explain ACP participant responsibilities while enrolled in the program;
  • Work with the victim/survivor to incorporate the ACP into their overall safety plan;
  • Assist applicants with completing the ACP application;
  • Recommend the applicant into the ACP and forward the application directly to the ACP.

What Happens Once ACP Receives Completed Application?

ACP staff review all completed applications. When an application is approved, the program participant(s) are certified for five years. All certified participants are issued an Arizona Address Confidentiality Authorization Card and a handbook on how to use the substitute address effectively with government agencies.

Applicants are not authorized to use the ACP substitute address until they receive their welcome packet that includes the authorization card. ACP staff will not provide a substitute address over the phone.

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