This office is a filing agency, and we cannot provide legal advice or interpret statutes. Please refer to Arizona Revised Statutes or consult an attorney if you have questions regarding laws that apply to your specific filing.

Telephonic Seller Registration

Telephone solicitation refers to any voice communication from a live operator, announcing device or otherwise that offers merchandise for sale or rent and that is to or from a person located in this state. Before the seller solicits any consumer from a location in this state or any consumer located in this state, seller must file a verified registration statement. Per Arizona Revised Statutes Title 44, Chapter 9, Article 6 (Telephone Solicitation Law), you can choose between three options: full registration, limited registration and a filing exemption.

This office is not able to make the determination for you as to which filing you should submit. You should consult an attorney to answer specific questions. This office is only a filing agency and customer service representatives are not able to interpret statutes. Also, you may read the Telephonic Seller Overview as an additional resource. The overview is purely informational and should not be construed as legal advice.

Filing Fee

Full Registration: full year registration is $500 and due in July. Fees are on a sliding scale and the fee is determined by the month of your registration. Check the form for specific pricing. Limited and exempt registrations do not require a filing fee.

Checks and money orders can be made out to the “Arizona Secretary of State.” Please do not send cash by mail. We recommend paying with cash for in-person filings only.

Filing Length: Full Registrations last for one calendar year or less depending on the month filed. See full registration form for details. Limited and exempt registrations are valid until amended or cancelled.

Processing Time: 5 days

For all full registrations, please make sure to have your bond countersigned, include your script and make sure the bond is notarized.

  • Our office cannot determine whether a seller is legitimate, nor can our office take action or look into a questionable seller. For any questions or concerns related to a telephonic seller’s legitimacy, please contact the Attorney General’s office. You can request the Attorney General to investigate on your behalf by completing and submitting the Consumer Complaint Form.
  • Consult private legal counsel for assistance regarding telephonic sellers.
  • Our search website does not provide scanned images of what has been previously processed. To get paper copies of what has been accepted from a filed telephone seller, submit a Public Record Request Form. Our office will contact you with a price (10 cents per page filing fee, and for certified copies please include an additional $3). Payment must be received prior to processing your request.

Phone Numbers: 602-542-6187 or 1-800-458-5842

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